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Preparing for Competition

When it comes to competition time, we get a lot of questions on what you should be doing leading up to the competition and what to do the day before/day of the comp.

Workouts: 4-7 days before the competition you can continue to WOD as usual: RX, scale/modify. 3 days before the competition you need to start allowing your body to actively rest and recover (no 1RM or super heavy lifting). Day 2 should be an active rest day: ride bike, row, swim, super light lifting day, etc...something that you enjoy and keeps you moving. Day 1 should be a mobility, hydrating and recovery day.

Nutrition: Carb-loading is a myth. The best thing you can do is continue to eat more foods that can go bad, spoil, die, etc throughout the week (fruit, veggies, meats, eggs). You don't have to change anything drastically, just make sure you are eating and hydrating (with WATER) enough to support your weekly WODs. This is not the time to "lean out". Ideas for Things to Pack for the Comp: •Protein mixes (Progenex, etc), lots of water, energy bars, fruits/veggies, wraps or sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, crackers. You really can't pack too much food; at a comp it's better to have too much than too little.

Stay hydrated throughout the entire competition. •Bring a towel, lifters, jump rope (anything you'd use in a normal WOD), knee sleeves, tape, extra hair ties and socks, etc in a backpack or gym bag.

During the Comp: •Do NOT skimp on your warm-ups. You know how exhausting our normal warm-ups are and they are that way for a reason. Get on the rower, do your 30-20-30, butt kicks, high-knees, etc. That being said, after your WODs you need to be stretching and cooling down. Don't just go sit down or lay down...stretch and roll out all of your problem areas.

•Most importantly, have fun! Yes, this is a competition and we all want to do our best, however, try not to lose sight of what makes Crossfit so awesome: family and community. Cheer on our other teams and be supportive. Every single team and every single person that shows up to support and cheer is just as important as the other. BlackFin is known for our support...let's keep it that way!


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