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It's February!!!  Already!  Happens every year and every year I can't believe it happened that fast.  

Most of you have set a goal for yourself that we, at BlackFin, are going to help you achieve.  However, you have to remember that we only have you for 1 hour of the day, but you are in charge the other 23 hours.  

We believe that setting goals, writing them down, and sharing them with others is the key to success.  Here are a few tips to help us all be the best:

*If the most difficult thing for you is just getting to the gym, set a small goal to go 2x a week for the next month.  Put it on your calendar, on your phone with reminders, tell your coworkers and your family.  This also goes for practicing movements - plan your time, get to the box early, leave late, jump rope at home.  Just do it!!

*There will always be a scapegoat.  We have heard them ALL!  Working on your goal may be uncomfortable and downright miserable.  You've seen those posts from that #beforethesunupcrew.  Do you think it's easy for them to get up that early??  No, no it is not.  Excuses are irrelevant, the options are plenty, but don't let them win.  Need help with scheduling time, just ask.

*If eating better is your goal, then I promise you preparation is key.  Take the time to plan out your dinner menu, use a crockpot.  Maybe you don't "have time for breakfast."  Whip up eggs and bacon and then put in the fridge in daily portions to grab and go.  Or get some Kathy's Table.  

*Lastly, find a WOD pal.  Every class time has more than 1 person.  Target a new friend and let them help make you accountable.  It does wonders to your workout energy and motivation.

Remember, this is for you.  Don't do this for other people.  By doing it for you, you are giving others your best you for a healthy body that will make you a better, happier person.  And we all benefit from that!!



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