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5:00, 6:00, 9:30AM

10:30AM Open Gym

3:30, 5:00, 6:30PM

7:30 Open Gym


5:00, 6:00, 9:30AM

3:30, 5:00, 6:30PM


5:00, 6:00, 9:30AM
10:30AM Open Gym

3:30, 5:00, 6:30PM

7:30PM Team RWB WOD

7:30PM Open Gym


6:00, 9:30AM

3:30, 5:00, 6:30 PM

7:30PM Open Gym


5:00, 6:00, 9:30AM
10:30AM Open Gym

3:30, 5:00, 6:30PM


10-11AM Open Gym


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What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.

The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Our terrorist hunters, skiers, mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.

Do I need to be in shape before starting crossFit?

Absolutely not! Our job is going to be to get you in the best shape up your life. Guaranteed. CrossFit is infinitely scalable, which means a veteran at CrossFit will be doing more weight and more reps than a beginner would do. Everyone is different in their ability.

CrossFit Facility vs. Globo Gym

CrossFit: No machines, Group Classes, 45min-1Hr duration, high intensity, Functional Movements, Constantly Varied, Fun

Globo Gym: Full of Machines, Lots of downtime and people socializing, low intensity, boring, poor total body results.


Is CrossFit right for me?

If you are serious about fitness and want to be in the best shape of your life, then yes, CrossFit is right for you. If you aren't concerned about fitness and all you care about is having big biceps and a big chest, then you should stick with your isolation exercises at the Globo gym.

What is considered a CrossFit athlete?

Is it someone who can bench 400lbs and squat 600lbs but can't do a pull up?

Is it some one who can run 9 miles in 45 min but can't do 30 push-ups?

Or is it someone who can Bench 315lbs, Overhead squat their bodyweight, run a 6 minute mile, do 50 pull-ups without stopping and power clean 225 fifteen times?

Which would you choose? Sure, everyone of them is an athlete to a certain extent but the last example which is considered an elite athlete is good at all of them. This is what CrossFit is about!

What should I bring to class?

We suggest bringing a towel and something to keep you hydrated. (water, recovery drink, etc.) Also bring a good attitude and be ready to work and have fun.


-Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.